Majestic Soccer Club fields 3 primary teams who compete in various leagues throughout Atlanta and regional competitions.

Division 1

Majestic’s Division 1 team has been one of the most successful men’s teams in Georgia over the past 10 years. This team competes in the first division of the Atlanta Area District Amateur Soccer League (ADASL) and routinely has a presence in the Premier division of the Silverbacks 7v7 league.

The group is a 5-time winner of the ADASL first division championship, a Perrin Cup Champion, Georgia Men’s Amateur State Cup Champion, and has participated in the U.S. Open Cup.

There have been exceptions, but the majority of players on this squad are recent college graduates who have competed at a very high level. Our roster routinely includes players who have played at the professional level, been part of youth national teams or achieved significant success at the collegiate level.

Division 2

Majestic’s Division 2 team has consistently performed well in the 2nd division of the ADASL for over 10 years. Players from this squad often make appearances on the Division 1 roster throughout the ADASL season. This team routinely fields teams in the Sons of Pitches leagues in Atlanta.

Despite being in the 2nd division, this is a serious group of players who play good soccer, many with collegiate experience. Many Division 1 players will move on to this roster when they are tired of chasing those who just earned the privilege to drink alcohol.

O40 Legends

A major benefit of the Club is the opportunity to keep playing well beyond your 20’s. The 0ver 40 Legends team competes in the Silverbacks 7v7 league with multiple titles in their trophy cabinet.

This team is built with players who have competed with other teams within the club. This group has often represented Majestic in the Low Country Invitational in Charleston, South Carolina.